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Bullying is occurring in playgrounds, classrooms, school hallways, cafeterias, sports teams, clubs, volunteer organizations, and workplaces all around the world.

But it is only when bullying hits home with its devastating and debilitating pain that it becomes very clear that bullying is not just ‘kids being kids’, but rather, is a severe and dangerous threat to a person’s health and well-being. Bullying is not a game.
This resource will show the reader how to;
  • Keep your sanity
  • Keep your child safe and healthy
  • Strategically manoeuvre through the education system
  • Advocate for your child within the health care system
  • Prevent bullying
  • Deal with the traumatic effects and repercussions of bullying behaviour
The reader will learn and be equipped to understand;
  • The forms bullying takes
  • The personal impact of losing friends and cherished childhood memories
  • The loss of common childhood experiences and milestones such as playing at recess, life-shaping friendships, sports, drama, assemblies and graduations
  • The nightmare of depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and post-traumatic
  • stress, and our struggle to keep our daughter alive
  • The lessons, wisdom, skills and strategies to maneuver through the ‘system’
  • The character qualities of faith, humility, forgiveness and determination
  • The amazing and encouraging victory of a now healthy, successful young woman with a bright future ahead of her
Parents, educators, health care providers no longer have to fly blind as they navigate the world of bullying and its effects. With Laurie’s and Julie’s hard won wisdom, you can have in your hands a resource that will turn victim to victor.

Laurie's daughter was bullied through her final year of elementary school and into high school. The bullying was so severe that Amanda became ill, suicidal, and developed post-traumatic stress disorder. This jointly-authored work, Bullying is Not a Game: A Parents' Survival Guide details the Flasko family's journey as they navigated the school, legal, medical, and mental health systems to secure a safe place for Amanda, and to move along the road to recovery.

We hope that this new book will serve as a practical guide for parents of bullied children, to show them that there is hope, and that recovery is possible. We stress that the parents are their child's best advocate, and provide a host of resources to help parents navigate the very muddy waters of bullying. This book is endorsed by Dr. Debra Pepler of York University who wrote the foreword. The book also includes submissions from Niagara Regional Police Services, the District School Board of Niagara, our local Distress Centre, and several community stakeholders and private therapists.


"I just couldn’t put this book down (last night). My gosh I was nearly in tears reading about what happened to Amanda (in grade 8, continued through even after you switched schools) … great advice, great tips on how to get help, and resources how to help your child to cope. Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge. You came through the darkness now you are shining the light on it.”
(Excerpt from TV interview)
Dina Pugliese, Breakfast TV Toronto

"BULLYING IS NOT A GAME is an excellent resource for parents, a common sense, practical and balanced resource without rancour or blame. In spite of the trauma that bullying has inflicted on Laurie’s daughter, Amanda, Laurie herself and their entire family, together they have been able to ground themselves and find a way to give some purpose to their experience. Theirs is an admirable process, and the result is, BULLYING IS NOT A GAME. BULLYING IS NOT A GAME is one resource in our communal struggle to find a way to stop bullying. Laurie and Julie have created this resource for parents knowing that they are essential players in the changes necessary to create safe places for all our children."
Bonnie Prentice, TALK

“I read your book, cover to cover, and think it is one of the most balanced and informative for parents, that I have come across. We will certainly be recommending it to our schools and adding you to our list of resources available to our schools.”
Lesley Cunningham MSW, RSW
Social Worker - Violence Prevention, HWDSB

“I write on behalf of Laurie Flasko’s book on bullying. It provides a thorough insight into bullying from the perspective of all parties; victim, bully, school staff, school administration, parents, and the various agencies in the public.  As an educator, administrator and parent, I highly recommend this book as a guide, reference and learning tool for understanding bullying from the point of view of each party involved.  It is an excellent resource for all especially educators and parents.”
Michael Lostracco
, retired secondary school principal

About the Authors

Laurie Flasko, CSP
Laurie Flasko is a wife, daughter, sister, friend but her most important accomplishment is mom to a beautiful successful young woman. She is also a professional speaker, coach and trainer. She brings twenty years of experience in the fields of leadership, customer service, and teambuilding. Genuinely committed to the success of others, she inspires her audience to reach for extraordinary. Laurie is a member of Canadian Speakers Association as well as the National Speakers Association.


Julie Christiansen
An internationally recognized speaker, and published author, Julie Christiansen brings close to 20 years experience in group and individual counseling. Branded as “Oprah for the Office” and “The Anger Lady” by her clients, she has been compared to the likes of Brian Tracy and Jack Canfield. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and a M.A. in Counselling Psychology, and teaches Psychology at George Brown College. Julie created the Anger Solutions™ Program, which is now in use in several cities across Canada and internationally. As an expert on anger and stress, Julie is a sought after guest expert for print, television, and radio media. Her passion lies in helping people to create radical, positive, and lasting change through her coaching, training, and corporate programs – all provided by her company, Leverage U, as well as through her private counselling practice. She is the author of several books including Getting Past Your Past (Audio), Anger Solutions, When the Last Straw Falls, and Anger Solutions by the Book.