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Laurie Flasko, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), teaches and challenges her audience through her own life's example. Her listeners will relate to the positive and uplifting stories of personal and family triumph over her daughter's struggle with bullying and its lasting consequences.

Laurie will take audiences on a powerful journey of agony, fear and victory as she recounts the painful process of helping her daughter stop the bullying and overcome its agonizing and traumatic effects.

Laurie will openly share the powerful lessons she discovered.

Laurie will tell it like it is. She has;
  • faced the roadblocks
  • struggled to maneuver through the education system
  • dealt with the apathy of parents
  • worked with police departments
  • discovered the gaps and cracks in a mental health system that her child fell through
  • witnessed brilliant, creative and collaborative support in these same organizations, and saw the pieces of a broken child transformed into a story of healing and victory

Keynote 1

Bullying Is Not A Game. A Survival Guide For Parents

This keynote is a key note speech designed for parents and those who work with parents of bullied children. In it Laurie will address;
  • how to keep your child safe and healthy
  • how to protect your own mental health
  • how to manoeuvre through the education system
  • how to stop bullying
  • how to deal with the traumatic effects and repercussions


Keynote 2

Bullying Is Not A Game

This keynote is a key note speech designed for;
  • educators
  • education administrators
  • police
  • health care providers
It shares and addresses the desperate struggles of a parent trying to make the bullying stop while dealing with roadblocks in systems which are intended to help.

The keynote then gets down to the things that count, addressing how to;
  • make use of opportunities to raise up a bullied child
  • learn the simple things that can be done to change the course of a child's life
  • be inspired to empower and restore a life that needs kindness
  • help start a new chapter and change a story of brokenness to one of strength
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