About Laurie Flasko
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She has lived the life of a parent struggling for answers, direction, resolution and peace while trying to manage a business, a marriage and most importantly helping her daughter survive years of bullying and the severe trauma she lived through for years afterward.

Among her credentials Laurie Flasko, CSP, is a professional speaker, certified professional coach, certified trainer, and also has certifications in Human Resource Management, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Personality Dimensions, and Thiagi Group – Games and Experiential Learning. Laurie helps organizations soar with enthusiasm and passion when dealing with their customers.

Genuinely committed to the success of others, she inspires audiences who are struggling with frustration and worry by providing practical strategies for dealing with challenges and roadblocks whether it is with the school, mental health community or police. Laurie's wisdom and experience is an invaluable resource for clients and audiences everywhere.

Her amazing ability to engage the audience and provide stories of passion, hope and strength is a testament to many years of experience. Laurie is a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) a member of Canadian Speakers Association as well as the National Speakers Association.
Highlights include:
  • Author
  • Worked in hospitality industry, federal government, gaming industry and addictions field
  • CSP (Certified Speaking Professional). One of only 11 female speakers in Canada and 10% of speakers worldwide, holding this prestigious designation recognized globally and in the speaking industry
  • Formal education in Curriculum Design & Adult Education
  • Certified in Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Personality Dimensions
  • First Canadian to be certified trainer by  the Thiagi Group (Improving Performance Playfully)
  • Certified Laughter Leader, Certified Coach
  • Other Professional speaking topics include: creating extraordinary customer service, teambuilding and leadership
Visit laurieflasko.com to learn more or email laurie lflasko@laurieflasko.com.
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